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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Apple iPad Mini: Introduction


We all know that Apple's iPad which have amazing features rules all over the market. After the launch of iPad 2, there are some rumors that Apple is planning to release iPad mini along with iPad 3. It means Apple is going to release two iPads this year. It is also heard that Apple is releasing iPad mini to compete with Amazon's Kindle Fire, which is a 7-inched tablet and priced at just $199(about 9715Rs.)

So for the fans of Apple and iPads, I am giving some unique features of iPad mini. However, there is no proper description about iPad mini by the Apple but still some features have been revealed.

Operating System and Processor
According to the leaked rumors, it is expected that ipad mini would have iOS 4.3 or 5. And to be made with 1GHz of dual core processor.

The iPad mini is expected to have Wi-Fi connectivity and usual Bluetooth connectivity.

Camera Features
Apple iPad mini would have standard iPad features which includes video recording at 720p with up to 30 frames per second. It is expected that it would have both front and rear cameras with 5X digital zoom. It is also expected to have 9X faster graphics technology.

The product is also expected to include 3.5mm audio jack with in built speaker and microphone too. 

Battery Life 
As we know that Apple always improves its battery life with every new launch. So, the same is expected for this. iPad mini will come with an efficient 25 watt hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery which will provide to a maximum of 10 hours of battery life.

Memory Storage
Some rumors says that iPad mini to have 16GB storage capacity or it may have 32GB also.

Additional Security
There is an additional security feature for iPad mini. It would have user friendly finger print resistant oleophoic coating technology which would enhance your security.

The screen size will be 7.85" with screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels. The smaller screen will feature an increased resolution designed to match the quality of the retina display.

The iPad mini may cost up to $249 and $299(12201Rs. and 14651Rs.) Isn't that so cheap?

Release Date
There are different rumors about the release date of iPad mini but it is believed that it will release at the end of 2012.

It is expected that once this iPad mini is launched it will be crush for everyone

What is your opinion about iPad mini?

Monday, 26 March 2012

Timehop: Jump into your past

Today in morning, when I woke up I checked my e-mail box like always. An e-mail was there which was really touchy. It was about my activity on facebook one year ago which reminded me so many things about my one year before life. Now, you were thinking that how I got that e-mail and who send it to me. The simple answer for this is Timehop. And you can also get e-mails about your activity one year ago.

What is Timehop?
Yeah, I know you are thinking that what is this exactly. Let me tell you. Timehop is a service that tells you what you were doing one year ago at the same day on your social networks. It's like a time capsule. And I think it is really interesting to know about your past activities which we almost have forgotten.

Social Networks under it
The interesting thing is that it is not only for Facebook but also for some other social networks. And they are Instagram, Foursquare and Twitter. You will get e-mails about what location you were searching on Foursquare? What you were tweeting on Twitter? What pictures you were taking on Instagram? or What you were sharing on Facebook? one year ago. Don't think that it is similar to new Facebook timeline.The difference here is that Timehop allows you to view other network posts in addition to Facebook. And the Facebook history more readily viewable by friends while Timehop is more private, since the e-mails are sent only to the subscriber.

How it works?
If you go at Timehop then you will be asked to connect to the site via Facebook. From there, you can set up your Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram accounts. After completing all the steps, Timehop will begin generating your posts from one year ago. The downside to this website is that you won’t be able to see your past posts right away. Instead, Timehop will send you past information to your current email account. Sadly, this will take one day to complete. In addition, Timehop will be sending you past social media posting information every day, so you can really see where your mind was one year ago.

What is the need?
You might be thinking that what is the need of doing this. But believe me, it is very fun to know that what we were tweeting, checking into, what photos we snapped and shared, or more simply what we were doing a year ago today.

If you think that it is useful for you then please sign in to Timehop.

I think I have answered all your questions but even if you have any other question or difficulty then please ask me in comment section below. You can also share your ideas with me.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

How to write a perfect article for you blog


After a long time again I am writing an article on my blog. So I thought I should write something interesting. And here it is.

In starting of my blogging career, I had so many ideas but that time I didn’t know how to express it or you can say how to write a perfect article. So this time I thought I should write something which is very common thing among all bloggers that is writing a perfect article.

There are different ways to write an article. Since, I cannot cover all that. But still I’ll try my best. First of all it is very easy thing to write a perfect article. So don't be so tensed and just go step by step as I say. 

The very first thing is that you should have complete knowledge about the topic which you are going to write. So before writing your article just surf on the internet about your topic and get some more knowledge. And don't think like you just have to write on a topic. Think that you are giving some knowledge to others which is really helpful for them. 

Now let me tell you about the form or structure of a perfect written article. It is divided into following parts.


Yes, title is very important part of an article. Because if you write a title which is not so attractive then no one will come to read your article. Your title should be straight forward. It should tell the purpose of your article. It should contain only 10 to 12 words not more than that. For instance, you can see the title of this article which directly says the purpose. A perfect title drives the traffic on your article.


Now it comes to introduction of your article. Even your title is good, if you do not give the introduction of your article then your reader may leave. And the reason will be that your title and the starting of the post didn't match up. In introduction, you can write that why you are writing this post or you can invite the reader in. You can also tell a personal experience. Telling a personal experience makes a bond between you and your reader. Instead of all these things you can ask question to your reader and give its answer after sometime. Asking question increases the eager of the reader to go ahead.


Adding picture gives a visual view to your article. You must add a picture which is related to your topic. And the picture should be inspiring. And I always prefer Flickr to add photos to my articles. If you are thinking why Flickr photos then see my article Benefits of Flickr photos for you blog

Detail paragraph

It's time for real battle. Now you have to write everything that you want to share with reader. Explain the reader in detail. Use the step by step method and always write small para as everyone don't like reading lengthy para. You can write as many para as you want but remember to write it short. And don't write anything to increase the content. Write the things which are really important.

Last but not least

It is the last paragraph which is also important. Here you can ask the reader to share their thoughts in comment section. If you are writing a guest post then you can also give your contact link or info and ask the readers to contact you if they have any problem.

Things to remember
  • Always do spell and grammar check before publishing the post and correct all the errors.
  • Read your article twice before publishing.
  • Don't repeat the same sentence again and again.
  • Add links to other related posts.
  • Never provide wrong info, it can reduce your readers' trust for you.
  • Keep your article simple.
If you have any other doubt regarding it then you can ask me in comment section below or if you have any other tips then please share with us.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Add amazing effects to your Photos

Some people love to add effects to their photos. And sharing the photos with others. Here is a new product which add special effects to your photos. This one’s for everyone who enjoys adding a nice retro feel to images I hope they’ll enjoy it. You don't need photo editing knowledge to use this product. You can get high quality images.

Pixlr-O-Matic comes from, but offers a really straightforward approach to image processing. Pixlr-o-matic add nice retro and amazing looks to your images in the easiest possible manner. import an image from your computer or using your webcam, then go through the three processing steps that allow you to replicate the effects of old film/developer combinations, lenses and, finally, cropping. Once you get the job done, the result of your work can be saved to your computer or shared directly through, Pixlr’s own image sharing service. 

The tools are beautiful and based on flash. You may save the images any time during the process and don’t need to go through all the steps if you are already satisfied with the effect. 

I think you should try it. Its really great.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Are you frustrated with slow download speed?


Internet is the source of everything which we want. We always need to download something from the internet. And if the download speed of your system is very slow then you are frustrated with it. Nothing is worse than slow download speed.You can not get the most out of the internet. 

If your computer is fast then it is OK. But if it is slow then you have to follow some tips to increase your download speed. There are so many methods to increase your download speed without upgrading your computer. Here are some methods from them.

Internet connection
Check with your Internet service provider about Internet connection options. Your maximum download speed will depend on your computer's Internet connection. If you have dial-up Internet access, consider upgrading to a Direct Service Line (DSL) or a cable connection. Even if you already have cable, your Internet service provider may have faster cable services available. If your Internet connection is too slow, you may want to contact your service provider to upgrade your connection. If your service provider can't give you the results you want, you may want to change service providers.

Connection speed
Testing your connection will tell you if you are getting the speed promised by your Internet service provider. There are many online programs that allow you to test your internet connection for free. During an online speed test the website will send your computer a file and then measure how long it takes to download. Most dial-up connections are 56 Kbps, while cable can be as fast as 20 Mbps.
Click here to check your speed Speed Test

Optimize your computer
For faster internet connection you need to check that your computer is running as good as possible. Defragment your computer. Defragment organizes the files on your computer so your computer can load files faster. Go to Computer or My Computer. Right click on your C drive. Click Properties. Select the Tools tab. Click Defragment Now. You should optimize your Windows Registry. Use a TCP Optimizer. Search online to find the right one for you. 

Give priority to download
Prioritize your downloads. The more files you try downloading at a time, the slower each download will be. To increase your download speed, you need to: 
  • Download only the files you really want first and start other downloads later. The more files you download simultaneously, the slower the files download.
  • Try downloads at different times of the day. The more people who are downloading the same file, the slower the file downloads for everyone. If you are experiencing a slow download, try it at a different time of day when fewer people might be trying to download the same file.
  • Try only downloading one file at a time. 
  • Close any open programs you do no need when downloading. This will free up your computer's resources to better handle the data transfer. Only keep the programs open you absolutely need. If possible, have your computer download the files you need while you are away from the computer.
Install Download Accelerator
You can install download to increase your download speed. Download Accelerator is a program that optimizes your computer's download capabilities. It not only increases the speed of your downloads, it helps you manage them. When you begin downloading a file, Download Accelerator saves the file so that you can resume downloading it later if necessary. To get Download Accelerator, go to the Download website, search for Download Accelerator, click "Download Now" and follow the directions. I have written an article about download accelerator see it The fastest download Accelerator
Don't get frustrated with your download speed. Follow these tips and enjoy fast downloading speed.

Friday, 29 July 2011 A better social networking experience

Everyone on internet shares lots of links daily. And surely you forget those links only in one week. If sometime you need that link again then it is very hard to search it. The worst part would be trying to remember the site that you shared it on and then having to find it amongst all of your other posts.

I am telling you about an application which will solve your all of these problems.

With, you don’t have to search all of your social profiles to find a single link. The system allows you to quickly create a list of links you want to save in case you need to reference them later. Users can capture links from Delicious, Facebook, Posterous, InstaPaper, RSS Feeds, WordPress and Twitter and save them using Once you’ve created an account and logged in, you simply authorize the services you want the app to connect to. will then start collecting any links you share, and it’ll also go back and gather any links you’ve shared in the past from your accounts, too.

There are 5 connection methods for importing your links to Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Pinboard, or via RSS/ATOM feeds. Once you connect your desired networks, you’ll then be able to view all of your links on the home page. Each source will then be checked continuously for any new links that you may share. On the home page you can see all of your links along with how many times they’ve been shared. Under each item there are sharing and editing options. When you edit a link on, you’ll be able to add tags and notes as well as change the title and URL if needed. You can also delete links or share them on Facebook, Twitter or mobile.

Within you can be followed and follow others just like Twitter. Each link has a number to the left of it. That number tells you the number of people who have shared it. You can even go a step further and click on that number to go to a new page which shows you more details (each person who has shared, tags, etc). This is a great way to connect with others who enjoy your content or have the same interests, since clicking on their username will take you to their page and allow you to follow them. 

The best part of is the ability to search through the hundreds or thousands of links that it keeps track of for you. Results are shown almost instantly and are very accurate. You can then sort those results by relevance or date. You can even separate them according to content type (video, image, place). So that process that might have taken you half of the day before, now only takes a few minutes via a quick search. 

Some other Features
  • Add and view friends’ links.
  • Add as a search engine in Chrome or Firefox.
  • View your links by tags.
  • View suggested users.
  • Save links to whole browsing via a bookmarklet.
  • Save links to your account right from the website.
  • Display your links on your blog with a widget.
For some other features of see its tools

In my opinion, is a time saver of the users.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

5 Facebook features Google plus doesn't have


After the release of Google plus, everybody is moving to Google plus from Facebook. Just in couple of days, Google plus has got millions of users. I know Goggle plus is great. But there are some lacks in Google plus. I mean there are still exist some features of Facebook that Google plus doesn't have.

From those features I have mentioned five here.

1.Brand Pages
Moving past the controversy created when Google did not outline its brand page policy for Google Plus, causing companies and organizations to create pages that were subsequently deleted. From a user standpoint, some of the information shared by brands on their Facebook pages is actually of interest and useful. It’s not all, “Please buy our product.” Google must clarify its policies on brand pages sooner, instead of later.

Games are the thing which users love. It is pretty much a given that Google is working on a gaming platform, and that it will attempt to attract game developers that are unhappy with Facebook’s terms, but it’s not here yet. I think the people who are fans of Farmville, Scrabble and so many other games of Facebook will hardly leave Facebook.

3.Events and Birthdays
As of now, Google Plus does not offer the ability to organize events, while the feature is widely used on Facebook. Events are social, and should be part of a social network. In addition, the percentage of Facebook users who have avoided awkward conversations due to Facebook’s birthday reminders on its homepage must be staggering. Yet not only does Google Plus have no matching feature. Birthdays aren’t even part of users' Google Plus profiles. While this is certainly a minor issue and no reason to quit Google Plus, it’s also an oversight that should be attended to.

4.Photo tagging
Although photo tagging has been known to raise privacy concerns, it is also the most efficient way to let friends and contacts know when they appear in users’ photos. Overall, the interface to download and organize photos in Google Plus is well organized and easy to use, but the lack of tagging is a glaring omission, thus far.

5.Application Programming Interface
Right now, Google Plus does not play well with other applications. For example, foursquare users can have their check-ins automatically appear on Facebook, but there is no way to accomplish this on Google Plus. Google is obviously working on releasing an API, but it’s not there yet.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Best 8 looks of the new XBox 720

Microsoft launched XBox 360 Five years ago. And it is very successful as we know. After the success of XBox 360, Microsoft has decided to launch a new console but what it will be. The possible name of this console could be XBox 720. It may be release in 2013. 

Fans of video games,the people who are interested in video games and Microsoft’s gaming platform to date have made a lot of pictures that are supposed to represent the appearance and look of new consoles, and here are top 8 looks between them.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tweet your Google plus posts to twitter automatically

Google + has become one of the most used social networking site on web. In a couple of weeks it reached 10 million users. Many of the Twitter users are not tweeting their latest stories as much as they were before Google+ launched. Here is a solution to keep your followers updated by auto tweeting you stories from Google+ itself.

A big Twitter management app has just added connectivity to Google+ for those of you who want to integrate your G+ account to twitter.


ManageFlitter, a tool that helps you to manage your Twitter account, has launched a new feature that lets you automatically tweet your Google+ posts.

If you have a Google+ account, you can sync it to your Twitter account using ManageFlitter. Here are the steps-
  • Simply sign in to ManageFlitter with your Twitter account.
  • Visit the Google+ Management Page
  • Paste the link to your Google+ account into the box marked “Enter your Google+ account URL.” 
And it's done. After that, any time that you post anything publicly on Google+, ManageFlitter will seed the post to your Twitter feed. If your post is less than Twitter’s 140-character limit, the full post will appear. Otherwise, the tweet will link to your Google+ post.

The ManageFlitter feature includes a selective sharing option. This means that, if you select it, only Google+ posts that contain the #twt hashtag will be tweeted. If you would like Google+ tweets to be clearly marked as such, you can choose to automatically add “G+:” to the start of each of these tweets. In addition, you can choose whether or not to tweet details of your Hangouts and to always include a link to the original Google+ post.

As ManageFlitter explains, Google+ doesn’t have an API yet, so it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hours to get your Google+ post up on Twitter. When the API is released, however, there will be an option to send your tweets to Google+ so that your Twitter and Google+ accounts are truly synchronized.

So,do you like this new feature?

Monday, 25 July 2011

New great theme of Windows 8


I suggested you some wallpapers of windows 8 to get the feel of it. I have also written an article about some themes of windows 8 on HBB which is Get Windows 8 Interface On Your Windows 7 Desktop  But today I will give you the new Windows 8 theme.

This new theme contains so many things.Here are they-
  • Windows 8 Wallpapers. 
  • Windows 8 Start (New Style/ no more orbs).
  • Windows 8 Longhorn Style Explorer.
  • Windows 8 Logon Screen Style.
  • Windows 8 System Properties.
  • Taskbar Properties.
  • Quick launch blue hovering(pinned feel).
  • Taskbar Icon blue hovering(pinned feel).
  • Taskbar Folder group will be Library Icon.
  • Taskbar Group Size in 3 to be iconize.
  • Shut down Button Startmenu( 7 Styler).
  • New Search (7 Styler).
  • Windows 8 (7 Styler) User Icon. 
  • Explorer Library Icon (7 Styler).


    Sunday, 24 July 2011

    The top 10 free Blackberry Apps


    Blackberry is one of the most prominent mobile device in these days. The Blackberry App World comes with many good quality applications. It may not be the most well known out there, when compared to the Apple App Store and Android Market, but it is pretty amazing. Unlike the iPhone, these smart phones are great at multitasking, which means you can run one or more applications in the background. And because BlackBerry tend to offer longer battery life, you can use your favorite apps longer before having to hunt for an outlet.

    Today,I am listing the top 10 blackberry apps of all time.


    On the surface, Viigo may appear to be just another RSS reader application, but it’s much more than that.  The latest version not only provides your news and RSS feeds, it also updates you on your flight information, sports scores, stocks, and the weather. Viigo comes with a host of preloaded Web site content from top names like Reuters and TechCrunch, but you can easily also add your own feeds. Viigo renders articles flawlessly so that images are displayed appropriately and the text is formatted correctly. When you’re inside an article, you can choose to post it to Twitter or, or send it to yourself or a friend via e-mail. 

    2.Google Maps for Blackberry 

    The Google Maps application is essential for Blackberry users who want a break from Blackberry’s native map app. The ability to see locations near you, use voice search, traffic, street view and even different map layers and views. It’s the closest your Blackberry gets to the desktop experience of Google Maps. Download it from Google’s website today!

    3.Shazam for Blackberry 

    One of the most liked music related app is Shazam. This BlackBerry app is simply a standalone music identification app. When you have installed the app on your device, simply run it and allow it to pick up a song from somewhere nearby. The BlackBerry microphone picks up on the song and it will run a search to provide you the name and artist. Within a few seconds, the app would tell you what song you just played. This is great when you are trying to figure out the name of a song, but just can’t remember it. Shazam is available from free from the app world.


    Millions of BlackBerry owners read blogs on the go, and there has been a need for a blog reading app. BerryReader allows both blog owners and readers to manage and sync RSS feeds. You can sync Google Reader with it as well, so you don’t necessarily lose out on your posts. Using the app, you can share and tweet apps on both Facebook and Twitter. Compared to some of the other blog reading apps for BlackBerry phones, this one is the fastest one on the market. The price may turn people away, but if you are truly in need of an app, it is well worth the price.

    This is the perfect application for people who are unable to decide what to eat. Urbanspoon allows you to literally “spin” through a list of restaurant cuisine, price range and locations to pick the perfect place to eat. You can also use GPS to find restaurants near you. Once you find a place, you can also check out reviews and ratings.

    6. AP Mobile
    Many different Blackberry websites, including, have deemed this app as one of the best in the app world. AP Mobile is the Blackberry equivalent of the Associated Press that everyone is used to reading online. You are able to view articles, photos in the articles and you can share articles through Facebook and other social networking sites. 

    7.TIME Mobile for Blackberry 

    This news application is definitely some tough competition for the above AP application. This constantly updated application allows you to get key news headlines and stories in an instant. You also get good quality photos and the ability to look at Time’s magnificent archives.

    8.UberSocial (Formerly Known as UberTwitter)  

    This is considered one of the best and most well known Twitter applications available on App World. Formerly known as UberTwitter, UberSocial allows you to attach photos, your location, videos and more to your tweets. If your tweet is too long, you can take advantage of tweet shrink. Another feature that is considered rare for mobile tweeting is the ability to edit your profile on your phone. This doesn’t mean just changing your bio or location, you can also change your avatar! Before downloading, prepare to almost never need Twitter on your desktop again!

    9.Twitter for Blackberry  

    In Blackberry Browser, you can copy and paste the link and tweet it out. The camera allows you to post a Twitpic in just a few clicks. This is in addition to the ability to retweet, follow etc.  Its advantage over the competition is its very elegant, well-designed interface. Nothing's rough here—you can Tweet, search, use lists, follow, or check trends using beautiful fonts and an unobtrusive utility bar. There are several very good Twitter clients for BlackBerry, but this one may be the clearest to use. Twitter for BlackBerry is available in BlackBerry App World. 

    10.FaceBook for Blackberry 

    There’s nothing novel about Facebook on a mobile phone, but the Facebook application for BlackBerry makes its integration with your existing address book tighter. Once installed, you can choose to sync your contacts up with their Facebook profiles, so whenever a friend calls, his or her Facebook picture pops up on your screen. The application also lets you update your own status and view your friends’ posts, as well as upload and tag photos right from your phone. We also like the improved photo viewing experience from within the app. Facebook even leverages BlackBerry push technology, so you get messages and updates in real time. Our favorite feature is the calendar integration; the application reminds you of every Facebook event and of your friends’ birthdays.                                                                                                                                                                                 

    15 New windows 8 wallpapers

    The next release of Windows OS is Windows 8. Thousands of users are quietly waiting to see what new features will be available in the new state of the Windows OS. But you have to wait for a long time. To get the feeling of Windows 8 on your machine now, here I am suggesting you some new wallpares of Windows 8.

    15 Newest Windows 8 Wallpapers      


    How to build links on your website


    In my blog there are some seo tips which are very useful for you. All bloggers want to increase their search engine rank. But for that link building is so much important.

    Here are some link building tips below which will increase backlinks of your website.

    1.Submit site to web directories 
    You should submit your site to the web directories. It takes time but you can get hundred of  backlinks by this method. Submit your site to directories and free directories, they might cost a bit, but they are good, find some free and paid directories here
    These directories better your PR and increase your backlinks

    2.Reciprocal Links with Similar Websites
    Its important to pick sites that are of high relevance so you’ll not only get links but traffic. Reciprocal linking can be useful from the beginning but don’t overdo it. You can find link partners by emailing them directly or searching through webmaster forums.

    3.Easy free links
    • Depending on your category and offer, you will find Craigslist to be a cheap or free classified service.
    • It is pretty easy to ask or answer questions on Yahoo! Answers and provide links to relevant resources.
    • It is pretty easy to ask or answer questions on Google Groups and provide links to relevant resources.
    • It takes about 15 minutes to set up a topical Squidoo page, which you can use to look like an industry expert. Link to expert documents and popular useful tools in your fields, and also create a link back to your site. Hubpages is another similar site you can use. 
    • Most forums allow members to leave signature links or personal profile links. If you make quality contributions some people will follow these links and potentially read your site and link at your sit.
    • Submit a story to Digg that links to an article on your site. You can also submit other content and have some of its link authority flow back to your profile page.
    4.Participate in forums
    Sign up for some forums in your niche and start contributing to ongoing discussions. Insert a link to the homepage or some inner pages of your site. Use your site link with a nice anchor text on the signatures of Forums. Keep posting on forums and they would probably increase your backlinks. Don’t make them spammy as they would be deleted by the moderators there at the forums.
    You can search for forums or I know a few of them:
    Digital Point Forums

    5.Guest posting on others blog
    This one involves having readily available content you can send out to certain blogs in your niche. This is great for getting relevant links and traffic. You should write articles on the blogs which are so famous like HBB,Shoutmeloud,etc.

    6.Blog commenting 
    When you add a comment on a blog, they get indexed and you get a backlink.In the comment field, enter your name, website URL, email address and comment. Please DO NOT include a link in the comment or it will be marked as a spam by the administrator. Comment on useful blogs and not on all blogs which you find. Comment something useful rather than commenting all these appreciating words like “wow thanks”, “nice tips” , “thanks nice post” ..For more information about blog commenting see it

    Saturday, 23 July 2011

    How to remove new chat side bar of facebook


    Facebook has replaced its old chat bar with the new one. But most of the people don't like this new chat side bar. I also hate it.
    Here are some problems mentioned due to this new chat side bar-
    • If you are one of those who have a lot of friends online all the time, you surely will not like the new chat sidebar. It shows a list of 20 – 25 online friends with who you interact most. There is no explanation as to how the rest of your online friends will be listed.
    • It takes up considerable space. A manual option to ‘Hide Sidebar‘ is available, but you need to hide the sidebar every time you launch it, unlike in the old one.
    • The new design is very confusing when compared to the old chat feature. In the old one all those friends who were online were listed first, this made the task easier to scroll through the list and chat with whoever we wanted. The new one lists friends in alphabetical order, and it has nothing to do with whether they are online or not, which confuses as we have to first search for the name and then check if they are online.
    But don't worry,there is the solution of this problems. I am going to suggest you some tips to remove the new chat side bar of facebook.
    • The first method is,Login to your Facebook account via any browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera etc. Open a New Tab and paste this link and you’ll revert back to the old chat (but the old chat is limited to this tab alone). But the problem is you have to open the new tab every time you login to your Facebook account and your chat window will be in another tab.
    • Second is,If you click on the Options button on the bottom right, you can see the option to "Hide Sidebar"
      Once you hide the sidebar, your chat will appear on the left sidebar like the image below. Then, when you see someone you want to talk to, just click on one of their names.But for this method you have to always do the same thing when you login to facebook.

      These are the simple but temporary tips but now I will tell you the best tip which I prefer to use.

      Using the VasanSoft Chat Mechanic
      On Firefox- Install Greasemonkey addon for your Firefox.Click on this link  Then restart the Firefox. Install the VasanSoft Chat Mechanic script for Greasemonkey from
      Now reload facebook and you are done.

      On Chrome- Visit the VasanSoft Chat Mechanic script link  It will prompt you, for installing the script. Just click Accept.
      Now reload facebook and you are done.

      So,if you hate the new chat side bar then try these tips or if you like it then tell me your experience with it in comments below.


    Wednesday, 20 July 2011

    Focus on quite twitter users using


    Twitter always shows you tweets of the people you follow. There are so many people on twitter tweet a lot. And their tweets are useless. Some twitter users just tweet sometimes but important things. Because of noisy twitter users we can't find the important tweets in the traffic.

    To get rid of this problem I am suggesting you a new application has just opened in beta and is incredibly easy to use and completely changes the Twitter experience. works as a web-based Twitter client and you can choose whether to filter the tweets by simply switching on or off. It is a web-based Twitter reader that displays the updates of the people you follow in relation to the frequency of their tweets. It aims to amplify the people that don’t usually get heard, and scale back those with frequent updates.
    In beginning
    To get started, all you have to do is click to “flick the switch.” You’ll then notice that there tweets of all different sizes in your timeline.
    The larger sized tweets are from those users who usually get drowned out by overly chatty users. Likewise, the tweets of those users who post quite often are much smaller – some even illegible.
    Also, when you scroll your mouse over the avatar picture of any user in your timeline, you’ll see their Shuush volume level. You can also see your own level at the top right of the page.
    Volume level

    An “11″ is the highest level you can have and it means that you’re a pretty chatty Twitter user. The closer you are to this number, the smaller your tweets will be in the timeline. A “1″ is the lowest and means that you barely tweet at all. The closer you are to this number, the larger your tweets will be in the timeline.
    The volume level is calculated based on how many tweets per day a user has averaged since joining Twitter. Seeing that levels 10 and 11 are pretty much unreadable, you definitely want to strive for a level of 1-9.

    Well I know we can't do so much with this application. It’s just a reader, you can’t interact with replies, DMs, or retweets. But at least you can interact with the tweets of the people who are under shadowed.So try