Sunday, 24 July 2011

The top 10 free Blackberry Apps

Blackberry is one of the most prominent mobile device in these days. The Blackberry App World comes with many good quality applications. It may not be the most well known out there, when compared to the Apple App Store and Android Market, but it is pretty amazing. Unlike the iPhone, these smart phones are great at multitasking, which means you can run one or more applications in the background. And because BlackBerry tend to offer longer battery life, you can use your favorite apps longer before having to hunt for an outlet.

Today,I am listing the top 10 blackberry apps of all time.


On the surface, Viigo may appear to be just another RSS reader application, but it’s much more than that.  The latest version not only provides your news and RSS feeds, it also updates you on your flight information, sports scores, stocks, and the weather. Viigo comes with a host of preloaded Web site content from top names like Reuters and TechCrunch, but you can easily also add your own feeds. Viigo renders articles flawlessly so that images are displayed appropriately and the text is formatted correctly. When you’re inside an article, you can choose to post it to Twitter or, or send it to yourself or a friend via e-mail. 

2.Google Maps for Blackberry 

The Google Maps application is essential for Blackberry users who want a break from Blackberry’s native map app. The ability to see locations near you, use voice search, traffic, street view and even different map layers and views. It’s the closest your Blackberry gets to the desktop experience of Google Maps. Download it from Google’s website today!

3.Shazam for Blackberry 

One of the most liked music related app is Shazam. This BlackBerry app is simply a standalone music identification app. When you have installed the app on your device, simply run it and allow it to pick up a song from somewhere nearby. The BlackBerry microphone picks up on the song and it will run a search to provide you the name and artist. Within a few seconds, the app would tell you what song you just played. This is great when you are trying to figure out the name of a song, but just can’t remember it. Shazam is available from free from the app world.


Millions of BlackBerry owners read blogs on the go, and there has been a need for a blog reading app. BerryReader allows both blog owners and readers to manage and sync RSS feeds. You can sync Google Reader with it as well, so you don’t necessarily lose out on your posts. Using the app, you can share and tweet apps on both Facebook and Twitter. Compared to some of the other blog reading apps for BlackBerry phones, this one is the fastest one on the market. The price may turn people away, but if you are truly in need of an app, it is well worth the price.

This is the perfect application for people who are unable to decide what to eat. Urbanspoon allows you to literally “spin” through a list of restaurant cuisine, price range and locations to pick the perfect place to eat. You can also use GPS to find restaurants near you. Once you find a place, you can also check out reviews and ratings.

6. AP Mobile
Many different Blackberry websites, including, have deemed this app as one of the best in the app world. AP Mobile is the Blackberry equivalent of the Associated Press that everyone is used to reading online. You are able to view articles, photos in the articles and you can share articles through Facebook and other social networking sites. 

7.TIME Mobile for Blackberry 

This news application is definitely some tough competition for the above AP application. This constantly updated application allows you to get key news headlines and stories in an instant. You also get good quality photos and the ability to look at Time’s magnificent archives.

8.UberSocial (Formerly Known as UberTwitter)  

This is considered one of the best and most well known Twitter applications available on App World. Formerly known as UberTwitter, UberSocial allows you to attach photos, your location, videos and more to your tweets. If your tweet is too long, you can take advantage of tweet shrink. Another feature that is considered rare for mobile tweeting is the ability to edit your profile on your phone. This doesn’t mean just changing your bio or location, you can also change your avatar! Before downloading, prepare to almost never need Twitter on your desktop again!

9.Twitter for Blackberry  

In Blackberry Browser, you can copy and paste the link and tweet it out. The camera allows you to post a Twitpic in just a few clicks. This is in addition to the ability to retweet, follow etc.  Its advantage over the competition is its very elegant, well-designed interface. Nothing's rough here—you can Tweet, search, use lists, follow, or check trends using beautiful fonts and an unobtrusive utility bar. There are several very good Twitter clients for BlackBerry, but this one may be the clearest to use. Twitter for BlackBerry is available in BlackBerry App World. 

10.FaceBook for Blackberry 

There’s nothing novel about Facebook on a mobile phone, but the Facebook application for BlackBerry makes its integration with your existing address book tighter. Once installed, you can choose to sync your contacts up with their Facebook profiles, so whenever a friend calls, his or her Facebook picture pops up on your screen. The application also lets you update your own status and view your friends’ posts, as well as upload and tag photos right from your phone. We also like the improved photo viewing experience from within the app. Facebook even leverages BlackBerry push technology, so you get messages and updates in real time. Our favorite feature is the calendar integration; the application reminds you of every Facebook event and of your friends’ birthdays.                                                                                                                                                                                 


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