Friday, 29 July 2011 A better social networking experience

Everyone on internet shares lots of links daily. And surely you forget those links only in one week. If sometime you need that link again then it is very hard to search it. The worst part would be trying to remember the site that you shared it on and then having to find it amongst all of your other posts.

I am telling you about an application which will solve your all of these problems.

With, you don’t have to search all of your social profiles to find a single link. The system allows you to quickly create a list of links you want to save in case you need to reference them later. Users can capture links from Delicious, Facebook, Posterous, InstaPaper, RSS Feeds, WordPress and Twitter and save them using Once you’ve created an account and logged in, you simply authorize the services you want the app to connect to. will then start collecting any links you share, and it’ll also go back and gather any links you’ve shared in the past from your accounts, too.

There are 5 connection methods for importing your links to Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Pinboard, or via RSS/ATOM feeds. Once you connect your desired networks, you’ll then be able to view all of your links on the home page. Each source will then be checked continuously for any new links that you may share. On the home page you can see all of your links along with how many times they’ve been shared. Under each item there are sharing and editing options. When you edit a link on, you’ll be able to add tags and notes as well as change the title and URL if needed. You can also delete links or share them on Facebook, Twitter or mobile.

Within you can be followed and follow others just like Twitter. Each link has a number to the left of it. That number tells you the number of people who have shared it. You can even go a step further and click on that number to go to a new page which shows you more details (each person who has shared, tags, etc). This is a great way to connect with others who enjoy your content or have the same interests, since clicking on their username will take you to their page and allow you to follow them. 

The best part of is the ability to search through the hundreds or thousands of links that it keeps track of for you. Results are shown almost instantly and are very accurate. You can then sort those results by relevance or date. You can even separate them according to content type (video, image, place). So that process that might have taken you half of the day before, now only takes a few minutes via a quick search. 

Some other Features
  • Add and view friends’ links.
  • Add as a search engine in Chrome or Firefox.
  • View your links by tags.
  • View suggested users.
  • Save links to whole browsing via a bookmarklet.
  • Save links to your account right from the website.
  • Display your links on your blog with a widget.
For some other features of see its tools

In my opinion, is a time saver of the users.


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