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How to write a perfect article for you blog


After a long time again I am writing an article on my blog. So I thought I should write something interesting. And here it is.

In starting of my blogging career, I had so many ideas but that time I didn’t know how to express it or you can say how to write a perfect article. So this time I thought I should write something which is very common thing among all bloggers that is writing a perfect article.

There are different ways to write an article. Since, I cannot cover all that. But still I’ll try my best. First of all it is very easy thing to write a perfect article. So don't be so tensed and just go step by step as I say. 

The very first thing is that you should have complete knowledge about the topic which you are going to write. So before writing your article just surf on the internet about your topic and get some more knowledge. And don't think like you just have to write on a topic. Think that you are giving some knowledge to others which is really helpful for them. 

Now let me tell you about the form or structure of a perfect written article. It is divided into following parts.


Yes, title is very important part of an article. Because if you write a title which is not so attractive then no one will come to read your article. Your title should be straight forward. It should tell the purpose of your article. It should contain only 10 to 12 words not more than that. For instance, you can see the title of this article which directly says the purpose. A perfect title drives the traffic on your article.


Now it comes to introduction of your article. Even your title is good, if you do not give the introduction of your article then your reader may leave. And the reason will be that your title and the starting of the post didn't match up. In introduction, you can write that why you are writing this post or you can invite the reader in. You can also tell a personal experience. Telling a personal experience makes a bond between you and your reader. Instead of all these things you can ask question to your reader and give its answer after sometime. Asking question increases the eager of the reader to go ahead.


Adding picture gives a visual view to your article. You must add a picture which is related to your topic. And the picture should be inspiring. And I always prefer Flickr to add photos to my articles. If you are thinking why Flickr photos then see my article Benefits of Flickr photos for you blog

Detail paragraph

It's time for real battle. Now you have to write everything that you want to share with reader. Explain the reader in detail. Use the step by step method and always write small para as everyone don't like reading lengthy para. You can write as many para as you want but remember to write it short. And don't write anything to increase the content. Write the things which are really important.

Last but not least

It is the last paragraph which is also important. Here you can ask the reader to share their thoughts in comment section. If you are writing a guest post then you can also give your contact link or info and ask the readers to contact you if they have any problem.

Things to remember
  • Always do spell and grammar check before publishing the post and correct all the errors.
  • Read your article twice before publishing.
  • Don't repeat the same sentence again and again.
  • Add links to other related posts.
  • Never provide wrong info, it can reduce your readers' trust for you.
  • Keep your article simple.
If you have any other doubt regarding it then you can ask me in comment section below or if you have any other tips then please share with us.


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